What is Low-volume Manufacturing? Is it better than High-volume Production? When companies are at the decisive moment of selecting the type of manufacturing that best suits their needs, it is essential to know there are important features to take into account. Overall costs are important, but quality and lead times should not be ignored.

As product development experts, at ARRK North America, Inc. we know what to consider when choosing the right process for your company. In order to make an informed decision, we let you know the differences between low and high-volume production.

Difference Between LVP & HVP

Low-Volume Production (LVP) is a manufacturing method where companies develop a small number of pieces of a specific product at a time. Since it makes high upfront investment unnecessary, it represents a great cost-effective advantage for companies.

In contrast with LVP, High-Volume Manufacturing (HVP) produces large quantities of products in short periods of time. For some businesses, this type of manufacturing has been favorable in a few ways, but that does not mean it is the method that brings the best results.

To learn more about this, here are some key differences between both manufacturing methods:

Low-Volume ProductionHigh-Volume Production
From one to a hundred pieces per batchThousands of pieces per batch
Less investmentLess cost per unit
No minimum restrictionsHigh upfront costs
More sustainable for the companyNo customizable products
Rigorous quality control processesHigh-quality standards
No overstockExcess inventory

Make the Most of Your Production


In this sense, we at ARRK North America Inc., consider that a low-volume approach is necessary to carry out satisfactory Product Design and Development solutions with the highest results in terms of quality, design, and costs.

For example, because LVP allows a more flexible strategy, we are able to provide design-centric custom 3D Printing services, where we focus on what our partners envision rather than what is cheaper or faster to develop. This way, customers don’t have to compromise the whole supply chain by requesting design changes. Accessibility is vital in this method, so manufacturers must be approachable at every stage of the process, and that is what ARRK does.

In addition, Low-volume is friendlier for firms looking for efficient, first-class advanced prototypes for particular purposes, such as aesthetic robots, drones for agricultural tasks, or even automation machines. ARRK’s End-to-end services ensure a wide variety of materials and prototype finishing options adapted to the specific process of your project.

We balance quality and price due to our engineering and design expertise in every process and our highly efficient LVP approach. When companies are hesitant and don’t know the right direction, we provide professional advice and guidance in order to get the best outcome. Contact us to get a quote and make your ideas happen!

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