Acoustics are gaining increasing focus in product development throughout all industries. As an innovative development partner with interdisciplinary expertise, ARRK Engineering provide solutions for all your acoustic and vibration engineering tasks throughout the development process. From creation of fundamental concepts, through innovative simulation and testing methods, right up to comprehensive project support, we offer competent solutions from a single source.


Multidisciplinary in design, simulation and testing, we draw on our many years of experience and technical expertise to advise and support you throughout all development phases – from structural dynamics to aeroacoustics. In the lifetime assurance field in particular, we consciously combine our interdisciplinary competences in the fields of structural dynamics and operational durability

Product development

Taking into account all requirements, we develop the optimal product in terms of acoustics and vibration. Our experience and infrastructure allow us to develop concepts across industries – from the smallest component to the extremely complex overall systems – as well as to evaluate and secure current states, and derive targeted measures from them.
  • Vibrational comfort
  • Structural dynamics
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Noiseless products (BSR, functional noise)
  • Statutory regulations
  • Noise quality (noise measurements according to customer requirements)
  • Noise emissions (sound power and sound level)
  • Benchmark analyses (mobile and stationary)
  • Troubleshooting

Technical systems and metrology

For our engineering focus and related validation, we use our modern and diverse testing facilities and complementary infrastructure. Together with our dedicated cooperation partners, we overcome virtually every conceivable challenge, with methods and testing facilities.
You will find an overview of our test facilities here.
  • 50 Hz hemi-anechoic chamber (ISO 26101)
  • Noise shaker
  • Structural dynamics and lifetime shaker
  • Transmission loss test bench


To complement our technical facilities and measurement technology, we have a wide range of specialist virtual engineering tools. Some of these have been developed in-house and progressively further developed. Using these tools and facilities, we can implement all the virtual and real methods required to develop optimal acoustics and maximum vibrational comfort.
  • Mechanical and acoustic transmission functions
  • Modal and transfer path analyses
  • Sound pressure level and sound power (DIN EN ISO 3745/3744/3746)
  • Psychoacoustic analyses
  • Identification, evaluation and prevention of buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR) sources
  • Acoustic optimisation
  • Damping and insulation tuning
  • Tailored analysis methods and evaluations
  • ANSA, Hypermesh, ADAMS (MSC)
  • MSC Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys
  • Catia, NX, Pro Engineer
  • Star CCM+, Open Foam
  • Müller BBM PAK/MKII, LMS Test.Lab
  • Matlab, Scilab
  • FARBE (proprietary tool for noise tendency evaluation)