It is difficult for any industry to avoid the impact of digitization in their day-to-day operations. Products, business models, and services are all being transformed, and our customers are constantly striving to emerge as winners from these innovative changes.

The automotive industry is a case in point, as we are currently in the midst of a mobility revolution. Value creation is now being defined less by combustion engines and mechanics, and more by software and electronics innovations. Driver assistance systems, novel display and operating concepts, and electric powertrain systems are all becoming increasingly common on our roads. The future lies in autonomous driving and in the growing connectivity between vehicles and their environment. Manufacturers and suppliers who are unable to master this transformation will face a difficult time.
ARRK Engineering is here to help. We offer comprehensive advice and support in all areas of electronics, software, and electrical development, from concept and pre-development to series development, protection, integration, and supervision of series production of your products. We see ourselves as development partners and catalysts- ultimately, your success is our success.


Vehicle interiors and display/operating systems are assuming an increasingly important role in modern vehicles, as touch displays and augmented reality become commonplace. Personalized user interfaces with 3D graphics and voice and motion control provide end customers with an intuitive experience that they are accustomed to with their smartphones and smart TVs.
As specialists in display technologies, cockpit electronics, and HMI, we enable our customers to develop unique driver experience spaces and actively bring our own ideas into this thanks to our innovation management and technology scouting.


Digitization is affecting all industries with software and hardware increasingly form the core of most consumer products. With highly qualified teams of experts and efficient development processes:
We are your ideal partner when it comes to developing and safeguarding software, tools and frameworks as well as control units, embedded systems and measurement technology.
We bring your product ideas to life at record speed and in outstanding quality

We’ll advise you on all aspects of your product development, starting with the development processes themselves.

We offer you everything from one source – from concepts to complete systems. Our specialists give advice, determine requirements, create concepts and system architectures, build functional models and prototypes, develop the systems for you in series, and accompany you all the way to production. We use specially developed control unit platforms and modular systems for the rapid prototyping of electronic components and software. These scalable modular platforms enable us to realize your project in a way that is guaranteed to be fast, safe, and cost-effective.

We use our professional expertise and agile development methods to meet your requirements to the letter, while attaching particular importance to flexibility and client orientation. We will also gladly help you realize your software, hardware, or mechatronic products whether for automotive, rail, aviation, or industry applications!


Together with our customers, we’re working on the sustainable mobility of tomorrow – with more environmentally friendly and resource-saving vehicles, cleaner cities, and a perfectly connected ecosystem. As a strong development partner, we offer OEMs and suppliers engineering support for the vehicle powertrain providing advice based on many years of expertise. Jointly, we’re working on the future, whether hybrid or 100% electric, fuel cells or batteries, electric vehicles or charging infrastructure.


Project and quality managementPower electronicsPulsonix, Altium Designer, Library Expert
Requirements managementInvertersC/C++, C#, Python, Java, Matlab/Simulink, Labview
System architecture and systems engineeringDC/DC convertersCodebeamer, Jira, Confluence, DOORS
Mechanical and thermal design incl. calculations and simulationElectric motorsVector tools (CANoe, CANape)
Development and safeguarding of control units and power electronicsBatteries/ High-voltage batteriesECU test
Hardware/software architectureFuel cellsINCA
E/E and software integrationControl unitsElectronics laboratories, shakers, climatic chambers, workshop
Function development and applicationBattery management systems (BMS)Catia V5, Ldorado, E³ Cable
Commissioning, testing, and safeguarding of electronic drive components on the test bench and in vehicles, incl. test automationPower line communication (PLC)
Error analysis and problem managementCharging poles and backend systems
High-voltage safety, functional safetyHome energy management systems (HEMS)
Supplier qualification and managementMeasuring technology and test stands
Development consulting, technology scouting, and benchmarkingDemonstrators
Vehicle upgrading and conversionCable harnesses/adapters
Test and material coordination
Design and production of cable harnesses, HV storage casing, and test stands