Looking for better ways to improve operations and results is crucial for every manufacturing company. When having these goals in mind, it is important to gather information in order to create the right strategy. Does Low-volume Production benefit my company? Is Urethane Casting good for Low-volume Production? When looking for the right answer, you need to consult experts in the field.

At ARKK North America, Inc., we are product development specialists focused on five-star Prototyping, Low-Volume Production , and End-to-end Services. Our flexible and precise Urethane Casting program allows engineers and designers to get accurate details without complications. Here, we will talk about how Urethane Casting helps companies achieve extraordinary results.

Urethane Casting Quality


While Urethane Casting seems like a relatively simple process, the advantages in terms of accuracy, finish, and level of detail are multiple and as good as any other process, if not better. Let’s analyze some of the main benefits of this solution in a Low-volume production (LVP) context.

  • High-speed Results

LVP is a process that allows streamlining the entire supply chain, from materials requirement—the quantities are much smaller than in mass production, for example—to the design phase with respective changes, the manufacturing process, and the final delivery.

In addition to this, silicone molds are manufactured very quickly, as they are ready 24 hours after being poured. Although the lifetime of each silicone mold is around 30 shots, it does not represent an issue; on the contrary, it is easier to add design changes between molds without significant delay or even considerably higher costs.

  • Flexibility

Manufacturing cast urethane parts provides flexibility since, for example, mold inserts are used for replicating fine details and undercuts. In this sense, the amazing quality and versatility of the process rely on the materials used, which vary from rigid to elastomeric. Also, the finishing results stand out from many other products, making a high-quality product that will look, feel, and function as desired.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Last but not least, Low-volume Production Urethane Casting is as competitive as can be. Silicone is an affordable material that can be delivered more quickly than hard tooling materials. In addition, developing fewer units than in mass production allows for a more rigorous quality control process, and enables manufacturers to build the number of units they actually need.

So, is Urethane Casting good for low-volume production? Due to the previous reasons, we can all conclude that it is actually perfect for this type of process. However, if you want to talk about the specific details of your project for a deeper analysis, ARRK can provide you with all the help you need.

Contact us to get a quote and tell us all about your manufacturing idea. With the help of Rapid Prototyping experts, you will be able to bring your concept into reality.

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