Low-volume Production is a high-quality manufacturing process that has given many companies the opportunity to grow and improve their production. And currently, one of the key methods to meet the market’s demands.

Previously, we have discussed the basics of low-volume manufacturing and whether Urethane Casting is good for Low-Volume Production. But there’s another topic to cover: Low-Volume Manufacturing Strategies. What steps do companies need to take to successfully achieve results with this manufacturing method? At ARRK North America, we have been specializing in the field for many years, until the point of developing the perfect strategy for high-quality and optimized results. Let us tell you all about it.

Bringing Ideas to Life with the Perfect Strategy

We are aware that not many companies have everything they need to carry out Low-Volume Production (LVP) processes. Since changing your supply chain to optimize everything for LVP is not simple, we believe in partnering with expert product developers that can create what you’re looking for, without leaving the whole decision to them.

ARRK North America is an End-to-end service provider focused on delivering five-star results with LVP processes. Throughout the years, we have developed a strategy that has helped many companies reach their desired results.


1. Concept Design & Expert Advice

During the conceptualization phase, we talk to our partners and discuss the project’s objectives. This is how we work with the rough sketch they provide us, or we develop one from scratch; likewise, we always seek that any modification complies with the specifications indicated, and that the partner’s idea is respected as far as possible. At this stage, we provide consultancy and define the chosen materials so that the product’s performance is 100% fulfilled without leaving aside the final appearance.

2. Highly Detailed Prototyping

In the prototyping phase, we develop the design with our advanced 3D technology, which efficiently provides physical models and a great variety of available technologies and applications. Next, we prepare the mockup and then make the high-quality prototype, which becomes an exact copy of the final product, as both the appearance and functions end up being the same. This is where the partners perform their testing and prelaunch publicity.

3. DFM & Pre/Mass Production

After the prototyping phase, we move on to low-volume or high-volume production. Due to our experience and large production capacity, we have different processes adapted to the specific project in question. Whether Tooling, Injection Molding or Die Casting component, everything is adapted to provide excellent results and up to the standards of each company that chooses to rely on our strategies.

Communication is Key

One of the issues that should not go unnoticed in a partnership relationship is communication. At ARRK North America, we accompany our clients at every stage of the process, providing information, input, and solutions to all the doubts, problems, or difficulties that may arise.

If you are looking for successful Low-Volume Manufacturing Strategies to make your manufacturing process successful and efficient, partnering with ARRK is the solution. Contact us to discuss your project and start achieving the results you deserve.

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