Specialized in enhancing vehicle interiors & exteriors for comfort and wellbeing, working globally with a focus on visual and technical design.

A quality interior is one of the key factors for a sense of wellbeing inside the vehicle. And it will become even more important in the future. We help you develop your vehicle interior and optimize its visual design. Ensuring the required performance is our primary goal.
We are your competent partners – from the early, creative project phase through compiling tool data to drawing up the accompanying documentation and series production support. And we handle these projects internationally. Currently, we are working with customers in North America, Europe and Asia in these areas.


We turn your visual design into a technically implementable component solution. With our in-house core competencies in development – encompassing conceptualization, design, simulation and testing – we deliver results on time and to specification. From the initial sketch to series support, we cover all areas for the successful product lifecycle process of your interior (and exterior), at a global level.


Based on our experience and the required systems, we ensure the technical feasibility of your visual design. We produce clay mock-ups, create the package and highlight any adjustments required to set the whole product on the right track. Crash simulations based on morphed data support us in the early configuration of safety-relevant aspects. Our CFD department will lay out your air conditioning concept. We utilize our comprehensive in-house CAE expertise to validate component concepts regarding and NVH (noise vibration harshness).
  • Clay modelling support, styling, engineering and convergence
  • ‘Three-in-one’ concept work – visualization of kinematic concepts
  • Mechatronic concepts/operator controls
  • Ergonomics
  • Design for NCAP/IIHS
  • Crash simulation based on morphing and CFD simulation
  • Component concept design
  • Validation through CAE and rapid prototyping


Once the basic feasibility of the interior is ensured, we focus on the next phases. In the detailed investigations of complex assemblies, we naturally pay attention to the individual philosophies of OEMs, such as design to performance, cost or weight.
Our in house competencies, such as CAE & Simulation, Passive Safety, and Testing help us gain the most from our projects. Working in close cooperation with you, we always deliver promptly to schedule. This significantly reduces the time required and hence the costs of development. On this basis, we generate CAD data for the tools, either for conventional prototypes or for virtual prototypes and/or series production.
  • Concept detailing and prototyping/series design
  • Prototype development (virtual or conventional) and series development
  • CAD software: CATIA or Siemens NX
  • Tool validation and injection molding in-house at ARRK


For prototyping, structured and clear documentation of the already completed processes and results to date is important. Our experts support you in the product development process all the way to creating calculations and specifications as well as documenting each phase to ensure that the knowledge gained is not lost. We also provide documentation in multiple languages.
  • Feasibility analysis
  • FMEA
  • Specifications/requirements
  • Functional dimension concept
  • Gap configurations
  • Assembly instructions (arrangement of parts)
  • 2D drawings (assemblies/individual components)
  • Change management