Agriculture is a strong practice that perfectly maps the evolution of the world and its people. For years, agriculture has provided nourishment for millions of households around the globe. And while the fundamentals remain the same, it is no surprise that the agricultural sector has undergone improvements and adhered to ever-changing innovations, all while focusing on a single goal—to aid and ensure the human species’ survival.

Today, the agricultural industry continues to face many challenges. However, with the help of new knowledge and groundbreaking tools, this industry has continued to grow and thrive. With these new advances featuring new-world technologies, have you ever wondered how robots are used in agriculture?

Automating the Agricultural Industry

Broadly speaking, agricultural robots are machines primarily designed to monitor or carry out tasks otherwise performed by people. However, they are so much more than that. Automatization in the Agricultural Industry includes impressive tools either controlled by humans or fully autonomous in some scenarios. These have been designed to assist in agricultural processes, optimize harvests, improve productivity and ultimately reach sustainability. 

From tractors to drones, intelligent planters to automatic spraying machines and monitoring devices, these are only some of the robots that play essential roles in agricultural advances. Each has a specific purpose carried through with great quality and outstanding precision, resulting in easily achievable efficiency objectives and lightened job requirements for workers and farmers.

Agricultural Robot Applications

While there is a considerable amount of daily applications for robots to aid the agricultural industry—such as planting, crop mapping and data collection, irrigation, and automation—the tried and true processes will remain a staple to this ever-growing industry.


Planting robots are medium size machines that aid during the sowing process. These robots measure the proper depth for planting and the distance between seeds, ensuring the right amount of units per area.


Nowadays, the agricultural industry is popularizing the use of autonomous robots that have the capabilities to discern between crops and weeds. This results in a more efficient weed removal process and highly effective results.


While the harvesting go-to has been using tractors for many years, these continue to be a staple of the agricultural industry. However, current tractors have benefited from innovations in design, manufacturing, and accessories, resulting in results that exceed our expectations time and time again.

Grain harvesters are a prime example of how robots are used in agriculture. With their novel automated machine settings, these robots have reduced the need for exhausting manual labor and continuously provide a more consistent harvesting quality.

The ARRK Partnership with the Agricultural Robotics Industry


ARRK North America, Inc. is proud to be part of the Agricultural Robotics Industry. Our dedicated team of experts masterfully works in the product development stages of agricultural robots and harvesting paired with our cutting-edge Design, Rapid Prototyping, and Low-Volume Production services. The complex geometry specifications for these devices are carefully addressed during the design stage to produce a model that can ultimately accomplish the functions it is designed for, helping the agriculture industry reach its ideal goals.

With the bank of experience that over 70 years in the industry brings, ARRK North America, Inc. has developed high-quality crop-health monitoring robots, electrical tractors, grain harvesters, autonomous planters, food maintenance robots, pesticide control drones, and other tools to revolutionize the agriculture field.

ARRK North America, Inc. proudly offers state-of-the-art technology, a skilled team of engineering professionals, and a solid partnership with our customers, ensuring their ideas are expertly brought to life. Do you want to learn more about ARRK North America, Inc. and our role in the Automated Agricultural Industry? Contact us at 844-551-1993 or get a quote directly via our website.

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