In recent years, drones have captured worldwide attention due to their technological advances. While, for many of us, the introduction of drones was done so by way of children’s playthings or mind-blowing light shows, have you ever stopped to think about all the high-tech advances these tiny giants are capable of? From the arts to aerospace and agriculture, drones continue to innovate, improving industry strategies and delivering sky-high results.

We, at ARRK North America, Inc., have perfected our drone production working closely with the agricultural fields. As product development manufacturers, we are amazed by how drones are currently being used in agriculture, having become so deeply immersed in such an important and vital aspect of our lives.

Nowadays, thanks largely to technological manufacturing advances, drones have become an essential tool in the Agricultural industry, paving the way for Precision Agriculture—a farming management system focused on optimum crop health and yield. In addition to this, the drones’ versatility has improved agricultural data analysis, resulting in optimal harvesting.

Benefits of Drones in Agriculture

  • Monitoring: Drones have highly specialized mapping and monitoring technologies that are vital to the improvement of agricultural tasks. These drones comb through the fields, analyzing images that translate into essential information about crop and soil conditions. This aids farmers in specifically indicating whether an area is healthy or faces pest problems or possible diseases.
  • Spraying: Agricultural drones are exceptionally helpful in spraying fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. This supports an even and precise product distribution, resulting in considerably lower product losses. These drones also have capabilities to analyze moisture levels of the fields, making irrigation processes more accurate than ever before, which may result in a solution for unnecessary water waste.
  • Security: An important aspect of security drones is the ability to replace security personnel in otherwise dangerous tasks. While these prove helpful in the surveillance of valuable crops, they also keep workers safe by eliminating the need to reach remote or risky areas.


ARRK’s Drone Product Development

In order for drones to perform the complex tasks for which they have been designed, we must start at the beginning: product development. Drone designs are created with the highest level of precision; developing the product is no different, as we must guarantee that all of these parts will seamlessly come together to provide a successful operation.

The best way to achieve the ultimate drone manufacturing is by utilizing ARRK’s Vacuum and Urethane Casting processes.

ARRK’s highly specialized team of experts pairs the use of Vacuum and Urethane Casting processes with a vast array of materials to provide a near-perfect product. These rigid and elastomeric materials create flawless prototypes or products that are sure to meet your product’s expectations and exceed their overall potential.

At ARRK North America, Inc., we are ready to accomplish the mission with the mastery our customers deserve. Get to know our Urethane Casting and Product Development services and achieve your robotic farming machinery goals. Contact us or get a quote; we will be happy to assist you!

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