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Learn how the Consumer Electronics industry and Rapid Prototyping Companies in the USA work together to develop Smart Devices to improve people’s lives
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Technology is everywhere around us, present in our daily activities and needs. Year after year, new phones, computers, and home appliances are introduced to the market with booming success. Moreover,  we have witnessed trade shows dedicated to the announcement of products that will revolutionize the market and how we go about our day to day lives. Many of our actions and decisions as buyers are determined by new products found in the market. We make spending plans around them, changing our lifestyle and making our lives easier in many ways.

When was the last time you were amazed by a human invention? At ARRK North America, we are always stunned by innovative ideas and breakthroughs in science and technology. As product developers, we work closely with many Rapid Prototyping companies in the USA, looking for the best ways to take their ideas and bring them to fruition in this ever evolving world.

ARRK: Product Development Experts

Thanks to our wide knowledge and guaranteed versatility, we have been able to work with all types of industries, including Smart Home and Consumer Electronics. With constantly evolving, innovative products and ongoing developments, the Smart Home industry continues to amaze and challenge us while positively impacting people’s lives and well being around the world.

However, we are not only behind-the-scenes observers, watching many companies developing the newest technology available. We are Product Design and Development facilitators, diligently working on understanding the vast array of products’ appearance and behaviors. How Is this accomplished? Using our expensive industry know-how, our powerful network of engineers, designers, and staff dive deep into the details of each project, perfectly carrying out complex orders for our most challenging projects. 

Providing Efficiency and Innovation for Companies

What do Rapid Prototyping companies look for when developing advanced devices or ways to carry out upgrades? A manufacturing partner with whom you can build a close kint relationship that you rely on every step of the way to guarantee success. At ARRK North America, we receive our client’s ideas with the curiosity it takes to keep the spark glowing throughout the entire development process. And, it is with this philosophy in mind that we can confidently provide efficiency and the finest quality spread across a plethora of projects. You may be asking yourself “what are these projects ARRK is excited to work on”? Well, let’s walk through them together, shall we?

  • Smart Home Appliances

As we integrate modern engineering with Artificial Intelligence, home appliances continue to be in the consumer forefront as far as day to day efficiency is concerned. With ARRK’s innovation in product development and our wide range of materials of the highest grades, our foray into the Smart Appliance industry has been a proven success. We continue to witness appliances, developed by some of the leading companies in the world, introduce revolutionary designs intelligently using our variety of materials, paired with user-friendly features and innovative AI systems to ultimately carry out tasks that, even as short as a decade ago, seemed like a fever dream for the near future.

  • Assistant Pods

We cannot talk about technological advances without enlisting one of the most popular gadgets to date. Loved by young and old, voice assistants have made their way into our homes, becoming essential to our daily routines.

By combining AI and machine learning, voice assistants respond to people’s commands by interpreting their speech and processing the information. As a result, they can perform virtual tasks, automate processes, and even hold short conversations.

Even when other companies develop assistance software or technology for implementing AI features, ARRK continues to be key in the Product Development process. We work with our customers’ ideas, finding the best way to create a functional, innovative, and practical product.

For example, every project requires Design Model for market testing. At ARRK North America, we support companies by developing functional prototypes to see how they behave and whether they meet all the requirements and expectations. With our custom 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Tooling and Injection Molding services, among many others, all types of industries can rely on us to carry out even the most complex designs.

Further, with the experience that over 70 years in the business brings, ARRK has mastered the secondary finishing process to ensure projects are in near-perfect condition when delivered to our customers. With our extensive list of secondary finishes at the ready, our partners can confidently request market-ready samples to showcase during trade shows or even use for marketing purposes. 

Secondary processesOptions
Finishing optionsNormal finishing
High gloss polishing
Polishing on translucent painting surface
Painting techniquesHigh quality color matching
Matte paint
Gloss paint
Texture paint
Silk screen techniquesSilk screen on plastic
 Silk screen on rubber
 Silk screen on silicone rubber

As we continue to develop and assist our clients in making their projects a tangible reality, we keep raising the bar, so our technology, capability, and expertise suffice the needs of high-tech companies in the US and around the world. Are you interested in a project that requires the attention to detail and the highest quality? Look no further. ARRK is the Rapid Prototyping expert that will make your ideas come true. Contact us to learn more about us and get a quote for your Smart Devices needs. We’ve got you covered!

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