Soft goods play a key role in designing consumer electronics. They contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a device, providing comfort and functionality. That’s why Soft Goods Design Model Consumer Electronics is a growing area in the manufacturing industry, where companies’ design staff strive to take the parts and products to a whole new level.

Incorporating fabrics, leather, plastics, foams, and other materials to a product can increase the appeal and usability of the most popular consumer electronics products. Therefore, at ARRK North America, we have worked with many manufacturers to create amazing outcomes with a high-quality look and feel while ensuring functionality.

Soft Goods: Innovation and Success


As consumers become more conscious of their environment and demand better quality, ARRK North America is up to the challenge of incorporating excellent details based on the customer’s design.

Although adding soft goods to a model increases its complexity, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s harder to produce. There are ways to minimize the amount of time and effort involved. For example, companies can work closely with suppliers to ensure they get exactly what they want without compromising quality.

Improving the Design Model Process with ARRK

Soft goods are used for comfort and convenience, made of flexible and easy-to-mold materials. Therefore, it’s of great importance that these objects are made of very durable and comfortable materials.

In fact, some products designed with soft goods actually perform better than those consumer products that don’t include them. Be it ergonomics or visual appeal, adding these components helps communicate to the consumers the brand’s commitment to quality.

ARRK North America offers services beyond just fabricating products by providing custom molds, textures, and patterns for realistic and unique effects. So, what are the benefits of taking your design to production with ARRK North America?

  • Functionality and high-quality results
  • Wide variety of premium materials
  • Detailed designs created with advanced sewing quality

Our experienced craftsmen provide Soft Goods Design Model Consumer Electronics with advanced modeling skills, including precision cutting, stitching, and material wrapping technology. They deliver high-quality prototypes combining multiple cloth, leather, foam, and rubber materials with plastic and metal thanks to processes like Urethane Casting and others. These services allow customers to create unique products that reflect their company’s values.

Get your prototype Soft Goods Design Model with ARRK North America! If you are interested in learning more about how to incorporate soft goods in the design model for your consumer electronics, please contact ARRK North America’s team today to help with your innovative projects.

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