Fuji Corporation Enriches Wellbeing of In-Home Patients and Senior Citizens With “Hug”

Founded in 1959, Fuji Corporation has been at the forefront of innovation with ongoing advancement in the manufacturing world. Beginning with the production of hydraulic lathe machinery, FUJI’s foray into robotics has been at the forefront of its growth. For this Case Study, we’re headed back to our ARRK Japan team to discuss Fuji Corporation’s innovative answer to in-home health care by way of their mobility support robot “Hug”. “Hug” is a robot that perfectly caters to in-home care providing mobility assistance such as moving from a bed to a wheelchair, or from a wheelchair to a restroom relieving the physical stress that may occur using traditional methods.

The challenge

Fuji Corporation’s initial “Hug” mobility support robot, made up mostly of steel, was intended for private residential home care or rehabilitation centers. However, for the past few years, we have witnessed an increase in in-home personal care, taking over the duties expensive traditional caregivers would provide. Fuji Corporation, concerned about the well-being of their end users, sought to improve on their initial “Hug” and bring a sense of well-being, comfort and trust directly into patients’ homes. With this in mind, Fuji Corporation proposed to launch a new model perfectly catering to in-home care made up of a more comfortable and affordable design.
To bring Fuji Corporation’s idea to life, the ARRK Japan team was faced with a few challenges such as:
  • A modification to Fuji’s original design including an update from steel to plastic parts.
  • A challenge to our own team by providing design service via DFM to perfectly meet Fuji Corporation’s production and budget plans.

ARRK's solution

It was no surprise that Fuji Corporation’s vendor requests lead them straight to the ARRK Corporation, and specifically, the ARRK Japan team. The highly skilled team in ARRK Japan took Fuji Corporation’s concerns and challenges on and met them with an End-to-End proposal that would ensure success for both. ARRK Japan began this project from the Product Design standpoint, providing Fuji Corporation a variety of concepts and ideas that would perfectly match their vision. By providing options, such as round and straight designs, the ARRK Japan team was able to provide different moods and tones to fulfill all specifications.
Develop idea sketches based on the concept »

In an effort to ensure the project’s progress is made clear at all times, the ARRK Japan team created Modeling Data. This consists of a 3D rendering showcasing how the parts produced by ARRK Japan will perfectly fit “Hug”.

The product design concept for “Hug” did not stop there. ARRK Japan also offered a range of options in color variations. Confidently standing by the expert finishing services, these options allow Fuji Corporation the chance to evaluate which end design fits their proposal best while perfectly keeping with their company branding.
Light lavender
Green tea

The result

With ARRK Japan’s End-to-End service, guaranteeing expert assistance every step of the way from sketch design to 3D modeling, and image check, Fuji’s team was able to continuously check every new version of “Hug” and modify, if needed, to perfectly fit home usage. Moreover, with DFM support from ARRK Japan engineering team, Fuji Corporation can drive “Hug L1” to mass production smoothly. The ARRK Japan team was able to bare firsthand witness to Fuji’s success and, above everything else, play a vital part in making Fuji Corporation’s “Hug L1” come to life.
« A “Hug” Is All You Need
“The ARRK Japan team listens carefully to the customer’s requests. It was an honor that Fuji Corporation give us a chance to support from design to DFM. We’re happy to hear that our service, especially color consulting service, helps them achieve their desired results. We’re definitely looking forward to working with Fuji Corporation again!”
– T. Sakakibara, ARRK Business Development

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