Case Study - BMX Bicycle Frame

For this project, we’re jumping across the pond to Spain, directly into the ARRK Barcelona plant to catch up with Santi. For the past 20 years, Santi has been the technical commercial representative for the region, forging strong relationships with exceptional customers such as studio 4id. For nearly two decades, studio 4id has specialized in vehicle design and new mobility products in the Barcelona Market.

technical meeting between the client and arrk at the 4id studio

Customer Request

Studio 4id developed a BMX bicycle frame with an incredibly innovative design. It is only natural that ARRK was reached out to when the time came to bring this idea to life. Studio 4id requested prototypes of the bike frame, which seemed an easy task given ARRK’s decades of experience in the matter. This project proved to be ambitious in several respects; something ARRK is always excited to meet head on.
“As designers, our focus is to provide creative solutions that are easily produced. For this project, we worked with a complex multi-tubular system generated in a design algorithm software, seeking to achieve the integration of all components in the utmost harmonious way possible. The challenge here was to design a bicycle frame that could be produced in a singular piece, all the while keeping a delicate design, avoiding any welding that may affect its robustness. This project was the perfect way for studio 4id to prove our expert capabilities and experience with advanced designs.”

« Technical meeting between the client and ARRK, at The 4id studio

ARRK's solution

As Santi explains, the bicycle frame geometry, including its internal geometries with difficult access, almost immediately discarded the use of our CNC service. However, 3D SLA technology, or Stereolithography, proved to be the best option to obtain optimal results. “It’s critical for the ARRK team to bring this project to life to perfectly showcase our SLA technology possibilities at achieving spectacular geometries in under 24 hours” is perfectly expressed by Santi.

“The importance of ARRK’s technical advice, paired with the material quality and finishing options, have ensured ARRK becomes a key partner when it comes time to produce high-quality prototypes. Our projects come to life in a short number of days, which is ultimately extremely valuable.”
BMX frame prototype on ARRK’s SLA printing platform »

Project outcome

After productive meetings between ARRK and the studio 4id designers, the decision was made to move forward with printing the BMX bicycle frame in transparent epoxy resin. This project allowed the ARRK team to showcase the expert craftsmanship of our finishing department in Barcelona to perfection.
« BMX Bicycle frame on SLA technology with metallic red paint finishing

As Santi cleverly sums up: “As prototype manufacturers, we interact closely with designers from all over the world on a daily basis, and we appreciate their talent! Backed up by a 15-year collaboration with studio 4id, we crafted unique samples to perfectly showcase the 75 materials and finishing samples available through ARRK. This includes clear or colored resin, sand blasted, lacquer, satin, matte, gloss or metallic finishes; the possibilities are endless! This is a key support tool that ARRK can showcase to customers.”