As technologies continue to evolve, and new technologies emerge on what seems to be a daily basis, we’ve witnessed extraordinary advances within the existing processes in the Product Design and Development world. Specifically speaking, vacuum casting is the topic on everyone’s mind when a project is being conceived and conversations around its buildout are concerned. With the never-ending popularity of Vacuum Casting as a preferred development process across many industries, the question remains; why are Vacuum Casting prototyping projects so successful, and why do industry professionals keep returning to it?

At ARRK North America, Inc., Vacuum Casting continues to be one of the most successful methods for prototyping projects. The experience that years in the industry have brought allows us to offer our customers extraordinary results at a significantly lower cost. Our skilled Vacuum Casting experts flawlessly apply techniques and advances that only a company with over 70 years in the industry, like ARRK, can bring.

Vacuum Casting: Guaranteed Success

Why is Vacuum Casting so successful? This casting process is widely used in industries such as Robotics, Medical, and Automotive. However, its benefits increasingly extend to branches such as Consumer Products, Aerospace, and many more. At ARRK North America, we have performed this process so that our customers have obtained incredible results, increased quality, and products with exceptional design. Here are the reasons why VC is so successful:

  • Small Lots

Since 10 to 15 identical parts are produced in each batch, Vacuum Casting works very well for small lots of products such as robots or medical machinery, which are not usually mass-produced because the market does not require it. Although this method works excellently for start-ups that cannot make large investments at once, it is also used by large companies that require a low-demand product.

  • Complex Shapes

Due to its flexible nature, silicone—used to make the master model—allows the design and creation of complex geometries that are only possible with the VC process without the need for undercuts. That is why companies that manufacture high-tech devices require the Vacuum Casting service to obtain quality and the exact design that allows functionality and ergonomics.

  • Costs & Times

One of the great advantages of VC is that it helps to reduce production costs as well as lead times considerably. In addition, due to the variety of prototype materials we handle, it is possible to obtain a great variety of textures, colors and finishes, obtaining a finished good of excellent quality that will meet all expectations.

We have used the Vacuum Casting technique to bring our customers’ projects to success in quality and economic benefits. We also deliver prototypes with all the features of a detailed and high-quality finished product.

Thanks to this, companies have obtained excellent results and been able to focus their efforts on their supply chains because they know that our team of designers and engineers will have the perfect solution for each project.

Are you interested in Vacuum Casting Prototyping Projects? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are Rapid Prototyping leaders that will turn your ideas into reality, with all your specifications and demands. Contact us for more information, or click here to get a quote. We will be happy to assist you!

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