As we navigate our daily activities, it is no longer a surprise to see various forms or tasks taken care of by the innovations the ever-growing robotics industries continue to lay before us. But the robotics industry covers so much more than what meets the eye.

If we took the time to look further than what is in front of us, we would truly be amazed to discover all of the accomplishments of the robotics industry. This includes the way the food we depend on for nourishment is harvested using Agricultural Robots masterfully curated to aid in productivity, and a stellar final product agriculturists are proud to bring to their customers.

At ARRK North America Inc., our over 70 years of experience in the industry has allowed us to excellently perform the prototyping and product development processes that will ultimately provide the infrastructure for the Agricultural Industry. These methods mainly rely on Urethane Casting, which will aid in achieving the best quality when building robotic farming machinery.

Robotics Industry


The Robotics Industry continues to set forth groundbreaking innovations that have resulted in their exponential growth, entering every aspect of every industry. The use of robotics continues to be sought after due to its ability to accelerate processes and speed up overall production with a more straightforward approach. According to Zion Market Research, Industrial Robotics is estimated to grow to 81.4 billion dollars by the year 2028.

When talking about farming specifically, robotics have greatly improved a vast amount of processes that were historically performed by workers, reducing time while risking poor productivity and food quality results. With this logic, creating and using robotic devices is only natural to ensure that the highly important daily farming tasks and industrial agricultural processes are up to par.

This is where ARRK North America, Inc. comes in. Our expertise has allowed our team of experts to carry out processes that will directly aid in developing agricultural robotics with the highest grades of excellence.

ARRK’s Urethane Casting Technology

While the use of the Urethane Casting process is historically used for prototyping models, its use for Low-Volume Production is ideal as the robotic casings created are guaranteed to be readily available for market testing. Furthermore, these pieces are designed to work fully as a final product once your technology has been integrated. As the farming industry does not require a massive amount of robots, Low-Volume Productions is the preferred method for farming product developers.

Choosing to work with ARRK for your Urethane Casting needs is essential. This process will perfectly meet your robotic equipment specifications by keeping this in mind:


Farming equipment is unique with complex specifications and design features. These specifications are easily achieved with ARRK’s Urethane Casting processes. To ensure we meet your requirements and your client’s demands, we provide a wide range of materials ranging from rigid to rubber-like finishes.


Maintaining the idea that your final product will be integrated with top-of-the-line technology to carry out exact tasks, your robotics casings will require superior shape, color, texture, and functionality results. As our Urethane Casting process is carried out with complex technology and highly skilled operators, the outcome is sure to exceed all of your expectations while meeting every requirement set forth by your team.

Robotics and Agriculture companies must consider the benefits of complex manufacturing qualified processes to meet those demands the industry will bring. Benefits that will, with no doubt, be synonymous with company growth. This will only result from an exceptional partnership with a product development company willing to rise to the challenge of providing the skills, innovative techniques, contemporary equipment, and expert opinions to guarantee specifications are being met and objectives are being exceeded.

At ARRK North America, Inc., we are ready to accomplish the mission with the mastery our customers deserve. Get to know our Urethane Casting and Product Development services and achieve your robotic farming machinery goals. Contact us or get a quote; we will be happy to assist you!

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