What makes injection molding better than other methods of production? And why should you consider small-batch injection molding? Injection molding is a manufacturing technique where molten material flows into cavities formed between two mold halves. This process is excellent for making parts that are uniform in shape and quality, eliminating imperfections such as surface blemishes or warping.

Benefits of Injection Molding

  1. Injection molding is faster
    It takes less time to produce a part using injection molding than to produce the same part using other conventional methods. This means smaller batches can be made more frequently and at lower costs.
  2. Injection molding reduces cycle times.
    Cycle times are required to perform a single step in a manufacturing process. For example, in injection molding, cycle times are reduced because only one piece of plastic is molded at a time.
  3. Injection molding creates fewer rejects
    Rejects occur when the part does not meet specifications. Rejects are costly because they increase the cost of production and reduce profits.

Two Ways to Use Small-Batch Injection Molding for your Project’s Advantage

  • Medium-volume production molds are commonly used for small production runs of plastic products. They are easy to use and quick to set up. However, they do not have the same level of repeatability as larger-scale methods.
  • Making custom designs based on user requirements allows companies to modify design specifications like size, color, and shape. This method is great for creating prototypes and small quantities of customized products.

Three Reasons Why Small-Batch Injection Molding is Better Than Traditional Production Methods

  1. Speed
    You can manufacture your product with injection molding faster than any other method. This means that the period of time from design to production will be swift once you have the right equipment. You no longer need to wait days or weeks for your product to ship out of the factory.
  2. Quality
    Injection molding allows you to produce much higher-quality goods than any other method. You can create a beautiful product that will last many years using high-quality materials.
  3. Cost
    While injection molding may cost more upfront due to the initial investment, you will save money in the long run since you don’t have to pay a team of people to make the same thing over and over.

Effective solutions with small batching

The first step toward any new product is finding out what customers want. This is where customer-driven design comes into play. It’s about understanding the needs of your target audience and creating products accordingly.

At ARRK, we have worked with different materials to find the right weight, strength, and flexibility needed to make a well-manufactured product, the one you envision and the one your customers need.

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