Integrated Low-Volume Production Solutions

Enhanced Low-Volume Manufacturing

Specially designed for projects that require tens to hundreds of precision-crafted parts that maintain dimensional and aesthetic quality, with production methods that thrive on high-quality and speed in delivery.


Integrated Low-Volume Production Solutions

We believe in the power of precision, speed, and inventiveness to transform the landscape of production systems, while maintaining ITAR accreditation parts, and ISO certified methods of production.

Dedicated Project Managers

Get direct access to our local and global capabilities, along with a dedicated project manager for personalized support in your language and time zone.

Continuous Team Growth

Our 'Global Technical Exchange Program' enables a steady exchange of knowledge between our colleagues, promoting the constant sharing of insights, and expanding our expertise and innovation in manufacturing.

Affordable Tooling Costs

Experience a reduction in tooling costs with no requirement for minimum orders, perfect for limited volume production, and functional customer-ready parts.

Flexible Design Iterations

Benefit from our Design-Centric Methodology (DCM) that accommodates your design iteration learnings into streamlined prototypes, reducing costs and overall production time.

fast Access to Emerging Markets

Stay ahead of the competition with shortened production lead times, enabling faster product development and market delivery of your unique parts.

Discover integrated low-volume production with ARRK. Our patented tooling blend of advanced vacuum casting and strategic injection molding ensure top-quality parts, no matter the volume.


Advanced Vacuum Casting Tooling (AVCT)

Leveraging our proprietary manufacturing system, ARRK ensures consistent dimensional and aesthetic controls. This advanced methodology enables us to produce low-volume quantities at production accuracy, maintaining stringent quality across multiple molds.
* Raw material / Resin dependent

Major design changes allowed

Our process is flexible and accommodates major design (mold) changes after every 30 shots*, allowing for adaptability and improvement to ensure the end product meets your specific needs.

Create based on specific mold methods

Our advanced production process is adaptable and can shift to accommodate various molding methods, providing us with the flexibility to best suit your project's specific requirements.

Competitor's molds are limited

Unlike other providers whose vacuum casting molds yield only 25 consistent parts of lower quality, our methods ensure a larger output with maintained consistency and superior quality.

Produce parts with undercuts

Thanks to our innovative technology, we can produce complex parts with undercuts without the need for drafting, ensuring high precision and quality for more intricate designs.

No Minimum Order Quantity

We don't impose minimum orders, whether you require one unit, 200 or 1,000, we are committed to delivering a consistent level of quality prototypes.

Parts with Complex Design or Geometry

If your design or part geometry is not suited for plastic injection or injection molding tooling, our process flexibility and experienced team can create an alternative solution to ensure successful runs.

Suited to Your Unique Project Demands

Advanced Vacuum Casting Tooling specifics

Get in-depth insights on how AVCT skillfully manages tool amortization into components, and the dynamic balance between competitive over-molding using a wide selection of materials, all tailored to provide cost-effective solutions for your individual project requirements.


Design Freedom


Production & Finishing

Quality Control

Packaging & Shipping

Seeking answers or further details for your low-volume venture? Get in touch with our skilled engineers for professional advice and tailored solutions.

Strategic Injection Molding Tooling (SIMT)

Harness the power of our SIMT manufacturing method, crafted with precision from pre-hardened steel capable of up to 50,000 shots*. Unlike typical aluminum molds, we offer polish capabilities up to SPI-A3 at no additional cost or time. Explore how our tooling system can effectively bridge initial production stages while full production molds are under construction.
* Raw material / Resin dependent

Matched for Uncertain Production Volumes

Navigate through projects with uncertain future production volumes seamlessly. Trust in our robust prototype molds to guide you through the initial production stages.

Prolonged Tool Life

Stand apart with SIMT extended tool life, capable of up to 50,000 shots*. That’s a fivefold improvement compared to the 10,000 shots guaranteed by typical low-volume tooling.

Simplified Tool Revisions

Benefit from the flexibility of our stainless tooling. Made from easily weldable and insertable steel, these molds are ideal for projects where design alterations might be necessary along the way.

VIP Project Management

Benefit from a dedicated PM (one-point of contact) who is well-versed in your project goals, available in your time zone, and communicates in your language. This allows for seamless integration with ARRK's diverse range of press sizes, ranging from 100Ton to 1,000Ton. (Design model: John Gonzalez. Prototype: Reymundo Cortez. Injection Molding: Mike Reed).

Develop via DFM & Moldflow

When faced with complex design scenarios or geometries, our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Moldflow reports come into play. They enable our proficient team to successfully navigate through manufacturing challenges, ensuring your design aspirations meet production realities.

Your Gateway into Extended Production

Strategic Injection Molding Tooling features

Where Program Managers with over 40 years of tooling and injection molding expertise meets comprehensive client support in English, Spanish, and Japanese. No matter your time zone, our SIMT team will ensure a seamless and efficient process every step of the way.

VIP Program Management

Tool Design


Production & Finishing

Quality Control

Packaging & Shipping

Kickstart your injection molding adventure with ARRK. Our proficient team will lead the way, ensuring effortless project execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some quick FAQs before we talk.

Yes, ISO 9001:2015 certification for rigorous quality management standards.

Yes, adhering to ITAR requirements for safeguarding sensitive information.

Strategic confidentiality agreements (NDA) and robust data protection measures in place.

Detail material type, finish, and any special requirements when submitting a quote.

Align project timeline with manufacturing lead times for efficient delivery.


CASe study


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