We have had the opportunity to prove that the Low-Volume Production method benefits manufacturing companies looking to stand out in today’s market. However, there are several ways to accomplish Low-volume Production, and the Urethane Casting process is often associated with quality, speed, and efficiency.

At ARRK North America, we have developed a vast expertise in Low-volume Production Urethane Casting, a combination of advanced manufacturing strategies that only the most experienced engineers can use for the benefit of their partners. Let us tell you how we carry out this process to deliver outstanding results and unbeatable quality in the industry.

LVP + Urethane Casting=Beyond Quality

Low-volume Production (LVP) can be carried out with different processes, such as Tooling and Injection Molding. However, costs can be higher than with Urethane Casting, so companies often choose the latter for their projects. At ARRK, we believe several factors go into this decision. For a deeper understanding, let us tell you about the main features of Urethane Casting:

  • Efficiency:
    The Urethane Casting process is one of the fastest ways to obtain parts or prototypes of excellent quality and with a design faithful to the master model, which is reflected in the final production.
  • Costs:
    Besides making a smaller investment, the supply chain and lead times are often shortened with Urethane Casting, resulting in low overall costs without risking quality.
  • Versatility:
    In addition to the excellent result provided by this method, the materials used to give the final appearance and texture are of the highest quality, ranging from flexible to rigid and semi-rigid.

In addition, Urethane Casting is perfect for companies’ Low-volume needs:

  • Prototyping
  • Market Testing
  • First Run Production

The outcome of Urethane Casting is a model identical to the master model, with all the details and specifications provided by the customer. Also, because the prototype performs the desired function, Urethane Casting models are often used in market testing or as the first investment for startups.

Due to its versatility, efficiency, and competitive costs, ARRK’s Low-Volume Production Urethane Casting approach is the right choice to get your complex geometry design done with the highest standards in the United States and the world.

If you would like to receive more information about our manufacturing processes, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to make your ideas happen. get a quote or call us at (866) 912-2449.

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