Many people choose to grow plants in their own houses or gardens, planting their vegetables and fruits or simply for decorations, but taking care of a plant may be more difficult for the normal person than they thought, that’s where plant health devices come to the picture, making it easier to take care of any type of plant. The team of ARRK North America Inc. can help in the production of these devices.

Having a team of experts that can guide companies of any size through every stage of the process is part of our End-to-End service. We are ready to provide rapid prototyping, Low Volume Production, Urethane Casting, 3D printing, CNC machining, Tooling, and Injection Molding.


There is an array of possible devices that people can use to follow the progress and the health of their plants. First of all, it would be easier to control the environmental condition in the designated area if the plants are located in a closed area, such as any room of the house or an external greenhouse. In this situation, many products could be used, such as:

  • Cameras: cameras that can monitor the progress of plants would be a simple way of watching the development of the plants and a good way to watch them without physically looking at them. More high-end cameras can be connected to a database that can determine if a disease is afflicting the plant or make a diagnosis by using hyperspectral imaging.
  • Moisture sensors: Humidity can incentivize the growth of fungi and bacteria, so having a way to properly measure it, can help maintain the roots of the plant in a good state, these sensors could also send a notification if the humidity of the soil is too low or high.
  • LED lights: Lightning is very important for a plant’s health, that’s why there are a lot of devices that are made for the light to turn on and off at a specific hour, the intensity can also be controlled, and all of these can be adjusted to the necessities of any type of plant.
  • Thermostat: Being able to control the temperature of the soil and the air would also be adjusted to the plant’s necessities and could be changed from a remote location or can be controlled from an app.

All of these sensors and environmental conditions can be controlled by individual devices or one device for all of them, the production of these devices is an opportunity for companies that can promote them to an evergrowing number of people who want to take care of a plant in their own houses, but also want to make sure to have the highest success rate possible

ARRK North America Inc. can help companies interested in the production of these devices and many others, we’ll find the most suitable option for you, thanks to our wide range of available processes that can fit any budget and quality goals for a great number of products.

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