Aerospace Prototyping with ITAR Compliance

For Your Low-Volume Production Aerospace Parts

Unleash innovation with top-tier aerospace and UAV prototypes and production parts. Accelerate your product launch, mitigate risks, and optimize production efficiency through cost-effective on-demand manufacturing with urethane casting.



We work with many leaders in various fields of activity

Explore comprehensive solutions for the UAV, defense and aerospace industries, ensuring
precision, quality, and reliability in every component we deliver.

Explore comprehensive solutions for the UAV, defense and aerospace industries, ensuring precision, quality, and reliability in every component we deliver.

Trusted Solutions for Aerospace, UAV & Defense Manufacturing

Step into a realm of unmatched precision and reliability

Elevate your aerospace and defense projects with our advanced manufacturing capabilities tailored to meet industry standards and exceed expectations. From intricate parts to complex UAV structures, our cutting-edge technologies ensure premium quality, precision, and efficiency in every component we deliver. Explore our range of capabilities and solutions that redefine aerospace and defense manufacturing excellence.


Comprehensive Solutions for Aerospace Ventures

Tailored excellence for aerospace and defense industries

Our suite of solutions meets rigorous demands, ensuring precision, quality, and reliability. Join us where technology meets expertise in aerospace manufacturing.

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Our Capabilities

ARRK offers a suite of aerospace manufacturing capabilities designed to meet your exacting needs.

Comprehensive Aerospace Solutions:

We provide services from prototyping and design validation to functional testing and product launch, delivering precise flight-worthy components.

Tailored Prototyping Services:

Tailoring solutions for the aerospace and UAV markets, our rapid inventiveness enables tomorrow's solutions today, ensuring a focus on design and originality.

Professional Prototyping & Manufacturing:

With expertise in aerospace part prototypes, we specialize in producing reliable and accurate parts adhering to the strictest specifications.

Broad Range of Material Options:

We offer parts in aerospace-grade materials, leveraging 3D printing, CNC machining, and urethane casting solutions for weight-saving advantages.

Rapid Lead Times:

Our quick turnaround times facilitate a seamless production cycle, ensuring timely delivery of quality parts that meet unique aerospace requirements.


Complex Geometries

ARRK’s additive manufacturing solutions enable the creation of intricate and complex geometries, for your aerospace manufacturing needs.

Cost Efficiency for Low-Volume Production:

Mitigate costs associated with low-volume production runs, allowing for on-demand manufacturing without maintaining extensive inventories.

Flexible Design Solutions:

Shift from hard-to-machine components to cost-effective 3D-printed alternatives, simplifying intricate assemblies and reducing potential failure points.

State-of-the-Art Prototyping:

Utilizing FDA-certified materials like PT8952, achieving UL V0 rating, and on-demand finishing with compliant coatings (paint).

Risk Mitigation Solutions

Providing an affordable pathway for testing products in low-volume markets, minimizing financial risks, while having a fully functional prototype, that can be used in a finished product.

Start your breakthrough journey in medical device prototyping with ARRK.

Let our experienced specialists guide you through a seamless process for a successful project realization.


Tailored surface finishing service designed to meet your unique requeriments

Frequently Asked Questions

Some quick FAQs before we talk.

Yes, ISO 9001:2015 certification for rigorous quality management standards.

Yes, adhering to ITAR requirements for safeguarding sensitive information.

Strategic confidentiality agreements (NDA) and robust data protection measures in place.

Detail material type, finish, and any special requirements when submitting a quote.

Align project timeline with manufacturing lead times for efficient delivery.

CASe study


Founded in 1959, Fuji Corporation has been at the forefront of innovation with ongoing advancement in the manufacturing world. Beginning with the production of hydraulic lathe machinery, FUJI’s foray into robotics has been at the forefront of its growth. For this Case Study, we’re headed back to our ARRK Japan team to discuss Fuji Corporation’s innovative answer to in-home health care by way of their mobility support robot “Hug”.

“Hug” is a robot that perfectly caters to in-home care providing mobility assistance such as moving from a bed to a wheelchair, or from a wheelchair to a restroom relieving the physical stress that may occur using traditional methods.

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