As the development industry continues to grow across a broad spectrum of worldwide industries, mass production continues to be the dominant method highly sought after. And, while the ability to produce thousands of similar items at a low price to fulfill a constant product demand is charmingly appealing, the advantages are scarce. Cost-effectiveness, in most cases, is not necessarily a synonym for high-quality results. 

Fortunately, as industries begin to grow and information becomes readily accessible to all, manufacturers are broadening their horizons by looking at the many assets Low-Volume Production can deliver. But, how does low-volume production benefit my company, you ask? Luckily, ARRK North America, Inc. is here to clear any doubts. 

ARRK’s team of product developers has carefully mastered top-level LVP processes such as Urethane Casting, Tooling and Injection Molding, among others, to provide optimal results every single time. Our engineering and design staff have closely worked with a number of small companies looking for ways to manufacture small production batches while maintaining the utmost quality, increasing savings, and reducing lead times.

Low-volume Production: Quality at Its Best

Does low-volume production benefit my company? With Low-volume Production (LVP), companies can produce small batches of an item, going from a single unit to hundreds of pieces, and get many benefits, such as:

  • Savings

One of the most important things for companies to consider is profit. With High-Volume Production (HVP), it is necessary to make a large investment, although not all companies benefit from large-scale batches; sometimes, they only need a small amount of a specific product, which is where ARRK comes in.

LVP can increase a company’s profits exponentially by reducing the investment of each batch and avoiding overstock. At ARRK, there are no minimum order restrictions, which means our partners can request high-quality products without the risk of product excess or money loss that comes from having too many items to deliver.

  • Faster Lead Times

A great benefit of LVP is that companies can process orders much faster, resulting in a better time to market. Even when some LVP processes are handcrafted and require attention to detail, manufacturing fewer pieces always results in improved lead times, speeding up the whole production process and getting a quick turnaround that results in a more profitable business.

  • Quality Control

At ARRK, we carry out LVP processes under rigorous quality control standards to provide clients with precise results. In addition, flexibility is one of our principles, so we make sure our customers have total design freedom as long as it benefits the final product and its desired functionality. Moreover, with LVP, it is possible to make faster design changes, which facilitates the internal product development process.

Product Development Experts

Manufacturing companies must look for the best way to increase productivity and numbers, all while maintaining quality. Low-volume Production can boost a company’s production along with a partner ready to make all their requirements come true.

We proudly stand behind our commitment to providing the best End-To-End Low-Volume-Production solutions in the industry. We understand the importance of quality over quantity, and we’re prepared to face the challenge of developing exactly what our partners envision.

Are you ready to take your production to the next level? Contact us to receive first-rate Rapid Prototyping and Low-volume solutions that adapt to your needs. Get a quote and let’s discuss your project.

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