According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, by 2050, the global population projection is expected to exceed 9 billion. Fortunately, the growing need to feed the population and secure worldwide demand has generated new agricultural methods, in which technology is the basis and key to increasing production.

In this sense, vertical farming is a process that has boosted efficiency in the agricultural field. But to achieve the goals of this relatively new method, we need high-tech vertical farming manufacturing. Let us tell you why.

Turning Over a New Leaf


The vertical farming process arranges crops in columns or racks in order to save space and increase yields. It is usually done in an indoor, controlled environment, making it easier to monitor the crop’s health and, therefore, guaranteeing a successful harvest.

This method includes hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics techniques, which do not require soil. However, they do need a proper structure and high technology involving engineering, robotics, and IT, to mention a few.

  • Shipping containers and dosing systems

Since hydroponics is the predominant growing technique used in vertical agriculture, the infrastructure of farms usually consists of stacked shipping containers, where plants are placed in trays and submerged in liquid nutrient solutions. With the help of sensors, crops are monitored and nourished using dosing systems, smart devices that can be automated and regulate their growth.

  • LED lighting:

Without LED lighting, vertical farming would not be possible. Since these types of farms are usually indoors and every plant needs to carry out photosynthesis, lights that can act as sunlight are essential.

  • Robots:

High-tech vertical farms have introduced pick and place automation in their processes. Picking robots are a time-saving and efficient solution that optimizes vertical farming harvests.

Upward Manufacturing

Without technological innovations, vertical agriculture would not succeed. At ARRK North America, Inc., we know that high-tech vertical farming manufacturing is vital to ensure successful operations and quality food harvesting around the world.

Accordingly, we have integrated manufacturing processes to supply lighting prototype demands for the Agricultural Industry. In addition, we carry out complex prototyping and low-volume production processes for companies looking for superior product development thanks to experienced designers and engineers.

Our knowledge in the agricultural field allows us to advise our partners in developing their products for the vertical farming, agricultural robotics, or any other kind of industry. Contact us or get a quote and start your high-tech production journey with us.

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