Many factors need to be considered when choosing between high-volume vs. low-volume manufacturing. They will determine the efficiency of the process. Our experts have provided production resourcefulness due to their wide variety of manufacturing services, making it easier to guide you through the process, depending on your project’s specifications.

What are Low-Volume and High-Volume Production?

Low-volume production (LVP) does not require high volumes of inventory to fulfill orders. Instead, LVP products are made on-demand or when needed and shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer.

High-volume production is best for manufacturing products that require large numbers of the same product in a short period of time. Because of this, the cost of each piece decreases; however, this process is recommended for mass production.

Things to Consider before Choosing a Manufacturing Process

  1. Quality control
    Quality control is a critical aspect. Either process can provide quality; the key is choosing a company that can guarantee meeting your requirements, which will depend on the features and purpose of your product.
    For example, if you are at the prototyping or market testing stage, keep in mind that low-volume is best suited for you. Since you will be testing features, a low-volume run will provide flexibility and faster results.
  2. Cost
    Cost is always a key factor when trying to find the best option. One way to lower costs would be to hire a smaller operation instead of choosing a large factory. However, this could mean that you are paying less money but sacrificing quality. A better solution is to use a combination of both small and large factories. This allows you to keep costs down while maintaining high-quality standards.
  3. Testing
    You should always test your products before they reach the market, and this is where prototyping is very important. If you have not tested the functionality and usability, a low-volume process will be best for your company. It will help you check the quality and other details before making thousands or millions of products.

ARRK’s specialized service experts can help you choose the best production volume for your project

The choice between low-volume and high-volume production is one of the most important decisions any manufacturer needs to make. A low-volume production process allows you to make more units with fewer resources. However, you need to invest more time and effort to ensure your product’s quality.

On the other hand, a high-volume production process ensures less manual labor and higher output but less control over the product’s quality. If you want to save time and money, contact ARRK, the product development experts that will deliver high quality in every low-volume production service.

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