ARRK’s Urethane Casting services will provide precision, flexibility, outstanding finishes, and a wide variety of material choices to get what you envision.

Main topics

Nowadays, we live in a world in which science and technology have enabled great advances in all aspects of life. We have developed devices that are with us at every moment of the day, medical products that improve the success of health processes, and technology that allows us to satisfy basic needs worldwide. But how have we achieved all this?

Today’s achievement involves many aspects; however, one key aspect that usually goes unnoticed is Product Design and Development. As specialists in the field, we recognize the value and impact that manufacturing skills bring to making technological advances possible.

At ARRK North America, we have extensive experience in the processes required to make products a reality. Therefore, we know Urethane Casting services are ideal for providing the best results to the market. Stay with us and learn how we make our customers’ ideas possible through excellent quality processes, care, design, and engineering resources.

Understanding ARRK’s Urethane Casting Services

With over 70 years of experience becoming Prototyping and Low-volume Production experts, ARRK North America has specialized in Urethane Casting, one of the most widely used processes in the manufacturing industry due to the great benefits obtained. Let’s take a closer look at how this process works.

How it works

  1. Whether the customer has a rough sketch or a defined digital file of the component to be developed, we create a master model with our excellent 3D Printing methods.
  2. The master model is placed in a container where liquid silicone is poured, creating the mold of the part. This can also be done by adding a vacuum, becoming a slightly different process called Vacuum Casting.
  3. Afterward, the selected liquid resin is poured into the silicone mold and allowed to cure until it’s ready.
  4. The component is removed from the mold.
  5. Due to its flexibility, the silicone mold allows the creation of components with complex geometry and can be reused 10 to 15 times without losing its properties.

Materials selection

  • Rigid
    Rigid urethane materials are selected for components that must be strong and durable. For example, they are used for automotive trims, casings, headlights, hand tools, and more. At ARRK, we use ABS, clear, and UL94V0-rated urethane, among others.
  • Elastomeric
    Elastomeric urethane materials are soft and flexible, with rubber-like properties. At ARRK, we have urethane castings from 20 Shore A to 90 Shore A.
  • Functionality & Aesthetics
    With ARKK’s Urethane Casting services know-how, companies get functional and visually appealing components, with excellent surface finishes and remarkable details.

    Each part can be painted after the process, but it is recommended—for greater precision and detail—to add color to the resins during the process and pour them into the silicone mold. A wide variety of shades are available, and we can also match pigments for Pantones and RAL classifications or adapt to customers’ samples.

Urethane Cast Results & Applications

As we can see, the Urethane Casting process offers many possibilities and a wide variety of results, so companies get the quality they deserve. In addition, it is a method that reduces lead times while helping to lower the initial investment cost since the silicone molds are created at high speeds, and the material is cost-efficient and very effective.

Although it can be used for end-use parts, it is mainly used for prototyping because the number of parts required per batch is small. However, this makes it possible to ensure that each piece meets the objectives and, if necessary, it is possible to make design changes without wasting a lot of time or money.

For all these reasons, UC has become a great ally of several industries, such as the following:

  • Consumer Electronics

We have developed components such as home appliances, white goods, devices, TVs, and more.

  • Robotics

We are skillful developers with all the necessary knowledge for creating agriculture and commercial robots, drones, etc.

  • Medical Devices

As certified experts in the manufacturing field, we are able to design laser devices, medical machines, and more.

At ARRK North America, we have worked with all industries, creating prototypes that look, feel, and act like end products, thanks to our Casting expertise. We like to provide solutions that will enable manufacturers to make their ideas a tangible reality.

We are not only suppliers, we are partners that will work with you in all stages of the process, providing insights, solutions, and the best options so that your product meets all your expectations.

If you’re still in the first steps of the process but want to have everything ready for the manufacturing stage, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what you expect. Get a free quote and get to know our customer service team; we will provide you with all the information you need to feel comfortable trusting part of your production in the hands of the experts. Start the ARRK journey and get precisely what you’re looking for!