5 axis CNC machining services are used for challenging parts, but complexity does not make it a method to avoid. Have a good team with the proper expertise.

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5 axis CNC machining services are used for challenging parts, but complexity does not make it a method to avoid. On the contrary, having a good team with proper expertise in design, programming, and creating such parts makes it easier to take advantage of its benefits to be cost-effective and optimize time frames. 

The most crucial part of determining the relevance of using CNC machining for prototyping is with our representatives and staff getting to know the needs and specifications of your project. We do not use 3 axis CNC machining process resetting parts to give the impression of a 5 axis CNC machined part. ARRK has suitable machines for your project and experienced team members to provide the best components for your project.

Benefits of 5 Axis Machining

Working for you and the project’s needs

  • Time efficiency: By machining entirely in the same CNC center, there’s no time wasted in moving the piece into several devices or changing the rotation of the part until it’s appropriately set up.
  • Accurate measurements: Obtaining the best accuracy when machining the part in one round is an excellent benefit of a 5 axis CNC machining process. It guarantees productivity due to having the CNC job done right from the beginning.
  • Shorter preparation: The ability to use shorter cutting tools in the machining process with the 5 axis CNC center allows for lower vibrations, increasing accuracy. Obtaining a precise part allows its final preparation to be completed in less time.

Why choose 5 axis CNC machining?

Working with experts

Among so many options for getting your parts machined, less expensive options will make you waste money. In the worst scenario, it could stop your production line just to cover for a single mistake. Doing it right the first time with a 5 axis CNC machine is thanks to the whole team: good design, appropriate materials, experienced handling of the machining center, and parts created.

Having ARRK North America, Inc.’s staff work with your unique project needs is essential. Guiding you through the decision process of using 5 axis CNC machining with ARRK is stress free when you take into account:

  • Tolerances
  • High precision
  • Production volume
  • Design geometry
  • Materials

Get the results you want the first time

ARRK knows best

Increasing productivity is part of the experience of working with ARRK North America, Inc. The benefits create a favorable chain reaction of accomplishing shorter lead times and speeding your time to market. 

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